At.tension#9: The programme is set, the festival is sold out!

After at.tension#8 in 2019 and the small corona-related interim format be.tween in 2021, we are eager to finally get going again in our usual size. The ninth edition of at.tension will take place from September 8 - 11, 2022 on the Kulturkosmos site in Lärz.

We are delighted and pleased that the at.tension Festival can take place again this year, as we of course did not take it for granted. Realizing the at.tension Festival every two years is a feat of strength only possible to accomplish by thousands of hands, through voluntary work and alternative structures. Along with a two-year planning phase and a substantial financial support from Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V. and the Fusion Festival.

After a three-year at.tension break and a heavily loss-making Fusion Festival 2022, it is now an economical challenge for the Kulturkosmos to support at.tension financially with at least 350,000€. For a long time it was not certain that the at.tension festival could take place like this and now. However, the at.tension #9 is a clear statement from Kulturkosmos to uphold the importance of gathering and together exchanging ideas, to experience culture and to celebrate - even in difficult and uncertain times.

We are therefore very excited that we can once again invite around 80 groups as strong representatives of an international, lively, freely organized, touring and political theatre and music landscape. This cannot be taken for granted either at the moment.

In the past, many of our guests have spontaneously offered their tickets via our forum. This year, too, tickets can be resold until the end of the festival. So the chances are very good in the next few weeks that you will still be able to get tickets - of any kind - via our Forum.

It is also possible to exchange information about how to arrive at the festival in the forum as well as asking other questions and share the anticipation.

We are still looking for helping hands for the at.tension. If you would like to support the festival on a voluntary basis, please send an email to helpinghands(ät)attension-festival.de.


at.tension festival

at.tension festival is a biennial, interdisciplinary theatre festival, curated, organised and realized by actors from Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V. and its network of supporters.

The expansive, approximately 100-hectare Kulturkosmos site in Lärz is a unique location and extraordinary stage for a theatre festival, with its former aeroplane hangars and a landing strip, various circus tents, and different open and parking spaces. It also has a large campsite with a lake suitable for swimming.


If you would like to support the at.tension on a voluntary basis, please send an email to helpinghands(ät)attension-festival.de.