The ninth edition of at.tension is postponed to September 8-11, 2022.

The new format called be.tween Theaterfest offers theatre programme for day visitors on 03.09 :: 04.09 :: 05.09 :: 10.09 :: 11.09. 2021.

All information about the be.tween theatre fest and ticket sales can be found on the new website.

It will certainly surprise only a few of you, but we are nevertheless very sad about the fact that we unfortunately have to postpone the ninth edition of at.tension, as it was planned for the beginning of September 2021. We will organize theater, that much can be revealed in advance. But certainly on a different scale and in a different way than usual.

Optimistically, it can be assumed that very much of what usually makes up at.tension could be possible again at the end of the coming summer. Still, there are many more aspects to the postponement that we want and need to consider. And although we are all eager to get back to full speed after such a cultural drought as we are currently experiencing, and "the fight for a beautiful life for all" seems more urgent and necessary than ever, the decision for a postponement is inevitable.

Fusion Festival is not only at.tension's big sister, it is in many ways its anchor. With the correct decision to split Fusion into two events in the summer, in keeping with the pandemic, we are clearly reaching all capacity and load limits for our theater festival. For the site as well as - even more important - our team.

Of course, financial planning security also plays a role that should not be neglected: up to now, since its third edition, we have been able to support the at.tension exclusively from ourselves, as well as through subsidies from the fusion, without any significant external cultural funding. Which in all likelihood will not be possible this year as before.

Last but not least, we are currently unable to guarantee programmatically what usually constitutes the qualities and strengths of an at.tension: like everyone else, we have largely dispensed with theater, circus, festivals, meetings and travel in 2020 and have experienced shockingly little culture. Normally, however, all of this is firmly part of our passion for collecting and presenting.

We know how depressing and sad this news is, but at the same time we can already talk out of the closet that we will by no means stand idly by and watch the theater and culture die. We are working flat out on smaller formats that will tie in with what we are all so sorely lacking at the moment and that will considerably shorten the waiting time for at.tension#9.

In late summer 2021, we are currently planning, it will once again be possible to experience theater, performance, circus and cultivated spinning, albeit on a smaller scale than usual. We have therefore developed the be.tween Theaterfest as a new format, which offers theater program for day guests on 03.09. :: 04.09 :: 05.09. :: 10.09. :: 11.09.2021. How exactly this will look like, when and at which conditions tickets will be available and further details, you will find out here, when the new website for the be.tween Theaterfest is created.

Until then, stay well, stay healthy, and above all, stay in touch with us - your at.tension crew.

at.tension festival

at.tension festival is a biennial, interdisciplinary theatre festival, curated, organised and realized by actors from Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V. and its network of supporters.

The expansive, approximately 100-hectare Kulturkosmos site in Lärz is a unique location and extraordinary stage for a theatre festival, with its former aeroplane hangars and a landing strip, various circus tents, and different open and parking spaces. It also has a large campsite with a lake suitable for swimming.