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Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V.
Am Flugplatz
17248 Lärz
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If you would like to volunteer to support the at.tension, please send an email to


Artist Applications

The booking process for the at.tension Festival from 08-11.09.2022 is closed!

Please understand that we were not able to respond personally to all applications. If your piece fits into the next edition of at.tension, we will contact you!

Applications for workshops can still be sent to workshop(ät)

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any applications for stalls or for the music programme.


Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V.

The Kulturkosmos non-profit association has existed since 1999 and has since been the organiser of Fusion. We are a constantly changing and developing group with a solid core that has come together on the former Soviet military airfield on the Müritz.

Fellow companions of various colours, whose realities of life, professions and places of residence are very different, come together here and donate their free time to this joint project. Many of them work in the arts and culture, others come from completely different backgrounds.

Fusion Festival

Far away from everyday life, a parallel society of a very special kind is created for five days. In a collective state of emergency, a carnival of the senses unfolds in a place without time during the Fusion Festival, reflecting the longing for a better world.

But because there is nowhere where people are free, it is precisely the union of fusionists of all countries and holiday communism that make us feel that we want more than what is offered to us in this life.


In our forum you can exchange ideas and read what topics are being discussed by fusionists, at.tension visitors and be.tween guests.